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Miscounting is the easiest way to loose money, but the easiest problem to fix.

Manual counting is both time and labor consuming.

Manual counting creates disagreements between sellers and buyers.

Producers are dependent on their workforce for the counting precision.

Why automate the counting task?

Minimize losses

Minimize your losses by getting paid for the number of animals counted.


Save precious time by having a real-time automated counting system.

Video camera

Have a video proof of your counting results at all times.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind that the count will be reliable no matter the day of the week or the period of the year.

How smaRt Counting works

Using a camera in a corridor, smaRt Counting counts pigs of all sizes and colors as they pass through the predefined counting zone . Animals are counted positively or negatively depending on the direction in which they cross the counting corridor. The count is available in real time and the results of the counting sessions are accessible via the smaRt Counting web application.






  • Real-time counting.
  • 99.9% accuracy on DAY 1.
  • Count in a single click.
  • User-friendly APP.


  • smaRt Counting mobile GEN 1& 2 for farms.
  • smaRt Counting server for farms and slaughterhouses.

In action in a farm

smaRt Counting in action in a farm in Denmark.

In action in a slaughterhouse

smaRt Counting in action in a slaughterhouse in Spain.

smaRt Counting Testimonials

J-P Audesse
Owner of the Ferme Porcine Audesse inc.
Sainte-Marguerite (Quebec, Canada)
Nursery of 1500 piglets
Finishing farm of 4000 pigs

‘’I acquired smaRt Counting with my neighbor since pigs transit between our farms. We use smaRt Counting when entering and exiting our respective operations. With smaRt Counting, we gain precision and save labor time, while being sure that we always have the right count. This system really helps in receiving animals. Honestly, the first time I got my first batch of 1,500 pigs, I counted them manually. It didn’t make any sense and I was definitely wrong. At around $ 45 per 6 kg piglet, you better make no mistake. In addition, my pigs are housed in groups of 500, making it is almost impossible to recount them once the delivery is completed. Thanks to the device, I was able to demonstrate to a dealer that he had sent me 25 fewer pigs than expected. With smaRt Counting, we are aiming for an error rate of only one pig in 1000. Also, we save about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 when receiving pigs, when compared to manual counting.‘’

Pascal Lavigne
Owner of the Ferme Danemarc inc.
Bécancour (Quebec, Canada)
2400-sow farm

‘’I purchased smaRt Counting to make sure I have the right number of piglets during my shipments and eliminate conflicts with the buyer of my animals. I am satisfied with my purchase and the good technical service offered by the Ro-Main technicians.’’

Sophie Bédard
Owner of Élevages Soden
Leclercville (Quebec, Canada)
Finishing farm

“It’s always reassuring to know that I have paid for the right number of piglets with smaRt Counting. Also, in case of dispute with a slaughterhouse, I have a solid and verifiable argument since a video recording is there as evidence. Another element that I really like is the ability to form subgroups. So, in the trailer, I know how many piglets there are supposed to be in each “pen”. This investment pays off quite quickly. We are really happy! “

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